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Subject: QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 12.0
David Rudofsky
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Submitted on 07-11-12 4:46 pm
Would greatly appreciate hearing from any FENG members who have first hand experience with adoption of QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 12.0, and would be willing to share what they like/dislike about it, and how they came to choose this platform versus alternatives.

I am working with a small food manufacturing client that is considering this solution, to improve transparency and cost controls for their product with is co-packed. Key concerns are ease of adoption, ease of use, and Intuit's level of support.

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David Rudofsky
Dan Wallace
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Subject: Re:QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 12.0

Submitted on 07-25-12 9:38 pm.

We're using it for about twenty consolidated and non-consolidated entities. It's about as simple as simple can get for enterprise accounting.

Easy to learn
Easy to set up
Availability of add-on modules (Intuit and 3rd-party) See

Some may think it's too easy to correct/change existing entries
Limited ability to customize reports without a report writer add on.

We're very satisfied with the product and have been using it for about six years.

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Dan Wallace
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Doug Berson
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Subject: Re:QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 12.0

Submitted on 07-28-12 1:42 pm.
Your stated key requirements are surely met, however; system controls are poor and functionality regarding your industry is lacking in depth, (depending on the depth of those functions that will be leveraged/implemented).

As far as reporting goes, it is fine as long as one has good excel skills for analytics. No need for a report writer in most cases.

Hope that helps!

- Doug