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Subject: looking for Vietnamese business expertise
Suzy Taherian
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On the weekends, I teach an MBA course on International Business at University of Ca, Davis Graduate School of Management. This January, the class will focus on Vietnam. I'd like to invite guest speakers to the class to share their experiences in working in Vietnam or trading with Vietnamese companies. Speakers who have lived in Vietnam could share their experiences living there or Vietnamese colleagues who are living in US could shed some light on differences in conducting business in US versus Vietnam.

Generally, the guest speakers can speak for about 30 minutes (with our without formal presentations) and take Q&A for 15 minutes. The classes are held in Sacramento on Saturdays.  

The class will visit Vietnam at end of March and meet with companies and government agencies to develop business relationships and understand business climate. Any suggestions for meetings in Vietnam would be welcome. 

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thank you

Suzy Taherian 

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