Topic: Banking

Subject: Collateral in Project and Corporate Finance -- who manages it?
Pasi Mantyla
Member: 2015
Submitted on 10-13-15 2:17 pm

I used to manage a $120 Billion collateral portfolio for WestLB for their Project and Corporate Finance. Later I have been unable to identify who and where this function is done in other banks. In any search I see collateral only in context of derivatives and trading.

I know that JP Morgan Chase does have this function as WestLB's system was fashioned after theirs. To my surprise I heard that Mitzuho does not have such a function that can affect the cost of their money. 

Who should I talk to in my search for a similar position? Any concrete leads and connections would be most obliging.

(Again, please note that derivatives and trading collateral is not relevant for my skills.)


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