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 COMPANY: American Dental Education Association 

POSITION TITLE: Chief Financial Officer, Division of Finance & Operations 

REPORTS TO: Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer 

LOCATION: Washington, DC 


As the sole national organization representing academic dentistry, the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is the voice of dental education. Its members include all 76 U.S. and Canadian dental schools, over 800 allied and advanced dental education programs, 66 corporations and more than 20,000 individuals. The mission of ADEA is to lead institutions and individuals in the dental education community to address contemporary issues influencing education, research and the delivery of oral health care for the overall health and safety of the public. ADEA is focused on a wide range of activities including research, advocacy, faculty development, regional and national meetings and timely communications, including the esteemed Journal of Dental Education. ADEA also manages a number of robust and successful dental school admissions services such as ADEA AADSAS, ADEA PASS, ADEA DHCAS and ADEA CAAPID. 

ADEA’s membership consists of more than 21,000 students, faculty, staff, and administrators from all of the U.S. and Canadian dental schools, many allied and advanced dental education programs, and numerous corporations working in oral health education. Dental education is a broad and diverse field that trains individuals to become general dentists, specialists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental laboratory technicians. ADEA speaks for all its members. 

ADEA also fosters interconnected community experiences that enable members to meet their individual goals while leveraging their collective strength. Education is a dynamic process, and science changes continually. Understanding and implementing change is key to improving the learning process and producing extraordinary dental practitioners. ADEA members determine best practices for dental education and encourage changes in dental education programs and institutions that will benefit everyone. 

ADEA members come together to advocate effectively for public policy issues essential to dental educators and researchers, especially access to dental care, a necessary element for improved oral and overall health. This has led to new synergies amongst dental education and other health professions. Since its founding in 1923, ADEA has existed to serve the curious youngster beginning to explore a dental career, the hardworking educator training the dental professionals of the future, and those striving for scientific or public policy improvements in oral health care.

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Reporting to the Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will be a key member of the ADEA’s senior leadership team and will oversee all financial and administrative functions of the American Dental Education Association and the ADEAGies Foundation including financial, accounting, administrative and physical infrastructure (FO) and legal/contractual activities. The CFO has oversight responsibility for the Association’s $31M+ budget and is directly responsible for an operations budget of $3.5 million. 

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for continually evaluating, developing and implementing the financial policies of the organization and establishing and maintaining appropriate accounting principles, practices, internal controls, and financial reporting. S/he will work directly with ADEA’s investment advisors and will be empowered to act in consultation with those advisors in the organization’s best interest. This position serves as the staff liaison to the external vendors for accounting, human resources and auditing. The CFO coordinates with the external vendor for human resources to ensure that HR (payroll, benefits administration) functions effectively and efficiently. S/he will supervise the Senior Manager of Facilities & Operations and oversee the activities of an outsourced accounting function, directing their performance and ensuring quality. 

The organizational level and profile of this position requires self-motivation and confidence; the capacity to work with, and when necessary teach, highly capable individuals who are unfamiliar with financial operations; acute attention to detail; excellent organizational skills; outstanding oral and written communications skills (the ability to successfully communicate financial complexity with grace and clarity); and professional discretion with information. The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for providing strategic leadership and tactical support for the organization’s fiscal operations and business compliance. This position requires the ability to work collaboratively across all levels of the organization, including Leadership Team members, Board Members, oversight committees, and organizational members in executing decisions with financial implications impacting the organization. 

Major Responsibilities: 

• Directly supervise the ADEA staff responsible for the day-to-day administrative functions of the Association’s Central Office. S/he has final authority on administrative matters in the absence of the EVP/COO. 

• Provide expertise to the Gies Foundation in relation to establishing and monitoring effective financial systems, including strong financial controls and reporting. 

• Act as primary staff liaison to external accounting and auditing vendors and direct the activities of an outsourced accounting function. 

• Act as primary staff liaison to external counsel on legal activities. 

• Support the HR office including accurate and timely payroll administration, benefits administration, assist in the administration of the compensation system and ensure conformance with all federal and state requirements. 

• Lead in the development of the annual organizational/operational budget, work in close collaboration with the leadership team in developing departmental budgets and act to ensure alignment with the strategic plan and priority. 

• Manage and work in close collaboration with external accounting and auditing vendors to support the development of the annual operating budget, ensuring it aligns with the strategic directions and gaining approval by the President and CEO, EVP/COO and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.


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Major Responsibilities, cont’d

• Direct necessary action to assure conservation of assets and generation of maximum revenues; analyzes data for inclusion in annual, quarterly and monthly financial statements and other reports; conduct examinations of expenses and proposes expense reduction measures; recommend budgetary adjustments in light of current expenditures; ensure review of expenditures prior to submission for payment processing. 

• Conduct quarterly financial reviews with all departments to monitor performance against expectations, and have the ability to use predictive models and forecasting tools to make adjustments. 

• Support ADEA’s “results-oriented culture” by enforcement of all financial policies, modeling behaviors that focus on outcomes, and producing a variety of reports and metrics that illustrate performance utilizing dashboards, infographics, and other methods (latest technology). 

• Be a full participant and contributor in an organization that values its employees, seeks to expand their competencies, and strives to recognize and reward exceptional performance. 

• Update and maintain the financial policies and financial reporting of the organization, working with the EVP/COO, external auditors, and the external accounting consultants and, as necessary, the President and CEO and Board of Directors. 

• Develop and maintain sound accounting principles and practices, and systems of internal controls and procedures. 

• Support and, when appropriate, teach the members of the Leadership Team and other key staff in the monitoring and managing their annual budgets. 

• Support a culture of discipline and accountability in pursuing the goals of the organization. 

• Oversee relationships with outside financial institutions and investment advisors, including banking, long-term investments, and pension accounts. This includes ensuring the appropriate custodial services in accordance with the investment policy guidelines. 

• Work with the external accounting consultants, prepare for the annual external audit and timely filing of tax returns. 

• Possess experience, skills and expertise to both design and execute systems that analyze and interpret financial data and information and be able to communicate findings with confidence. 

• Ensure the appropriate development and implementation of long-term office space plans consistent with the goals of the Association and interface with landlords. 

• Oversee and work closely with the Senior Manager of Facilities and Operations on any required space improvements and physical space needs; ensure that the administrative and operational functions of the organization are managed efficiently and effectively; and oversee the management of the organization's insurance policies including workers compensation, business insurance, and directors and officers liability and E&O policies. 

• Work closely with the Information Technology division to ensure that all technology infrastructure, software, telephone, and other technological requirements of the Association are supported and functional. Frequently review the impact of technology on financial management functions and make changes to improve performance. 

• Work with the Leadership Team, the Senior Manager of Facilities and Operations and others as appropriate to develop and maintain the Association's continuity of operations plan. 

• Provide managerial, business and analytical support to the EVP/COO. 

• May perform other duties as required to fulfill these roles and as directed by the EVP/COO.


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Key Requirements: 

The incumbent must have the professional maturity and capability to make correct assessments of priorities and to take the necessary action to either resolve issues and/or refer them to appropriate, available staff. In addition, s/he must have ability to: 

• Work in a highly collaborative manner with all levels of staff, consultants and Association membership. 

• Successfully employ an entrepreneurial instinct/spirit with a non-profit, mission-driven passion. 

• Able to use different management styles based on need and constituency. 

• Communicate in writing and verbally in a clear, succinct and persuasive manner. 

• Adjust to organizational structure in a professional manner. 

• Adhere to timelines and plan effectively with attention to detail and accuracy. 

• Evaluate and prioritize issues. 

• Manage organizational expectations and implement organizational improvement plans within the four core areas of oversight. 

• Initiate and maintain positive working relationships with others in a team environment. 


S/he must have the ability to analyze, synthesize, and interpret information and other data relative to financial and organizational issues and make effective use of it in an operational sense. Also, s/he must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills with an emphasis on simplicity and coherence both verbally and in written communication. Strong organizational and planning skills are essential. The incumbent must be able to remain positive in difficult, demanding situations and deal with change and transitions. Annual goals and expected outcomes will be identified. Activities will be performed in accordance with laws and guidelines governing 501(c)3 organizations. S/he must be highly competent with the Microsoft suite of software applications. 


• Bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years of high-level related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. CPA and/or advanced degree in finance, accounting, and/or business strongly desired. 



A strong compensation package will be provided to attract outstanding candidates.

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