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Subject: Operational Benchmarking
Scott McCune
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Submitted on 03-20-17 10:10 am

Hello - I currently oversee backoffice reporting within the Financial Products division of a healthcare company. We've trended and analyzed our operational results internally through various acquisitions and reorganizations over the years, and would like to compare how these rate with others in the industry. Our internal benchmarking group focuses on overall product strategies and market research, while we are more interested in comparing how long specific tasks take to perform or projecting how many people are needed for certain jobs. In  querying Google with this question the majority of hits are in reality ads for consulting companies to perform this research. Can anyone recommend a benchmarking association which might provide informative articles or operational comparisons? For those who have hired a consulting firm to perform this effort, would anyone be willing to share their experience?

Thanks for any insights.


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