Topic: New York, NY

Subject: Looking to hire a CFO coach
Sal Tirabassi
Member: 2016
Submitted on 04-05-17 9:11 am

I am interested in speaking to members who are retired or working as consultants to act as a CFO coach for me. I am specifically interested in very experienced CFOs (20 years plus) who have worked in very high growth companies and dealt with a wide range of challenges with a VERY proven track record of success.

In general, I want someone who can be a good sounding board and take an interest in the development of my company to provide forward looking insights to improve the overall effectivness of me and my team. This will be a conversational and consultative relationship. Someone with a mentoring disposition who asks great questions would be ideal.

My company was named one of the 50 fastest growing companies in New York City the last two years. We have a highly skilled management team that has produced excpeptional results for tightly-held shareholder base. If you are interested in discussing further, please see my linkedin page to learn more about me and connect with me through linkedin.


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