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Subject: Sales and Use Tax Rate Software
Karen Roscher
Member: 2009
Submitted on 07-05-17 8:20 am

I am looking for recommendations on a service to provide, at a minimum, US sales and use tax feeds to our Navision system.  I am also interested in investigating a service that would calculate and file the required reports for all US states.  Please let me know of any companies you might recommend for either of these categories.  Thank you.

Jeff Gullang
Member: 2015
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Subject: Re:Sales and Use Tax Rate Software

Submitted on 07-05-17 12:53 pm.

WE used Avalara - Avatax software as it had an API to connect to our cloud based accounting software.  Plus and minuses, but overall I liked it.  We did need to go in within 10 days to approve.  Generally speaking I liked it.  

Louis Mestier
Member: 2017
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Subject: Re:Sales and Use Tax Rate Software

Submitted on 08-01-17 11:42 am.

Avalara is a good service that takes care of everything for you, but so does Vertex, just on a larger scale.  It just depends on how big you are or will be.