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Subject: SAP Business One or SAGE 300?
Denise King
Member: 2011
Submitted on 07-05-17 4:58 pm

Hi!  We are looking for new accounting and reporting software and are considering either of these 2 packages.  Do any of you have experience with these products?  We are around $100M revenue and are in consulting so the main expense is manpower.  Thanks for your ideas!

Punit Rana
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Subject: Re:SAP Business One or SAGE 300?

Submitted on 07-17-17 3:15 pm.



I worked on both the products and found the paltforms are almost same.

SAP is more flexible you will get support.

I would suggest to get the demo from both. Explain your needs and processes.

You would definitly get the answer you are looking for.



Jim Hirchak
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Subject: Re:SAP Business One or SAGE 300?

Submitted on 08-03-17 1:09 pm.

I have evaluated both and also the NetSuite Prefessional Services package.

I suggest you take a close look at SAP and the NetSuite module for Professional Services firms.

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Karl Nicholls
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Subject: Re:SAP Business One or SAGE 300?

Submitted on 08-16-17 3:23 pm.

I would recommend speaking with Shawn Windle at ERP Advisors Group. They help orgnaizations identify their needs and bring years of experience in helping companies such as yours make the best selections based on those needs and the products available.


I have worked with them and for them in the past and highly recommend them.