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David Levenson
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Submitted on 10-18-17 4:39 pm

Dear FENG UK members

If you are job-hunting at the present and you haven't taken advantage of the Monday Job Club yet, think again.

Job Club members are more likely to get back into work more quickly.  Since mid-September, eight FENG members who had attended the Job Club in recent months have landed permanent and interim roles.

Consider this stat.  On average, these eight people took 37.5 weeks from the time they started searching until landing a role.  But from they time they joined they Job Club, the average interval into a new role was just 13.5 weeks.

The Job Club isn't a recruiting agency; we can't guarantee jobs for anyone, but as a support network it is very effective.  Here is what some of these successful job-hunters had to say:

"I wanted to thank you for your support over the past 6 weeks. The work that you do with the FENG job club is really excellent and a great motivator."


"I just wanted to say thank you for all the support since the beginning of the summer when I joined the Job Club.  I have discovered so much about the job market and finding work.  I will keep the networking going and if I find myself in the same situation again I'll be ready."

"I'll be back at Job Club whenever I have a gap in assignments - hugely valuable."



Signing up to Job Club couldn't be easier - just go to the UK London drop-down in the members' area and click on the link to the forthcoming meetings.  It's first come first served but if you find yourself on the waiting list we will always try to find space for you.


For more information about Monday Job Club, contact Tony King (Chairman) or David Levenson (Facilitator) through their email addresses on the FENG database.

Remember - Job Club can shorten your time out of work, so don't delay, sign up now. 

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