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Wednesday March 31, 2021
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

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Meeting will begin promptly at 5:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm. 

Virtual Interviewing - How to Elevate Your Interview Presence - An Interactive Workshop

Jackie Kellso, President Pointmaker Communications, Inc.

90% of the most important parts of communication are non-verbal and it only takes about 7 seconds to make a first impression. Making the right impression is even harder during a virtual interview because it is harder to make the right impact without being in the same room.

The Workshop: In this interactive workshop we will focus on your delivery of your pitch. You do not have to have a completed pitch, it can still be an early draft. The focus is more about the non-verbal signals we give out: energy, enthusiasm, eye contact, facial expression, vocal inflection, word emphasis, hand gestures, and how well you are coming across to another on video.

How to Prepare: Come to the session with your pitch. It does not have to be your final version, but some iteration. The focus is more on presence than on content. Jackie is there to offer live coaching to those who want to work on their delivery. This type of coaching is feed-forward, meaning, she will interrupt to coach for change, enhancement and improvement. The rest of the attendees will offer feedback at the end of the coaching to reinforce the benefits of the changes to continue working on. Individual coaching can range from 5-10 minutes per person.

Note: If you are shy and don't want to be coached, that's fine. Join us anyway - listen, learn and support your fellow FENG members.

What to Expect: The type of coaching that this workshop offers is called 'coaching-in-the-moment'. The coach interrupts the speaker while presenting (instead of giving feedback after the speaker has finished). This process asks participants to stretch, often out of their comfort zones, by being open to trying new ways to connect with their audiences. This method is highly effective and produces surprisingly positive results.

About Jackie Kellso: Jackie is a communications coach and trainer and brain-based coach. She specializes in presentations/public speaking skills, executive presence and self-awareness. Jackie has extensive experience helping people move along in their careers with increased confidence in their abilities to communicate effectively. You can learn more about Jackie by checking out her website:

Come prepared with you introduction which should include:

1. Who you are and what you do
2. An example of a great achievement
3. A proposal for what to discuss next.

That's it!

Practice your pitch and try it out with your friends at FENG - compare contrast and revise it until you hear it in your sleep. This platform skill will serve you long after you land your next assignment.

Alumni members are encouraged to attend this meeting and participate in the discussion - it is a great way to give back to the group, and to maintain and build your network.

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Lew Bader
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