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The Role of The Fractional CFO in the New World
Wednesday May 26, 2021
5:00pm - 7:00pm
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Topic: The Role of The Fractional CFO in the New World

Speaker: Nelson Tepfer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ProCFO Partners

The world has changed and more companies are recognizing that there is a need for a strong financial presence within their organizations. But many companies cannot afford a fulltime C-Suite executive. Enter the part time or fractional CFO. Working for companies on a part-time basis, these experts, with deep expertise are often brought on to fill a vacancy on an interim basis, to consider financing options, to review and strengthen accounting processes or to simply provide insight on a periodic basis.

Please join us this month for a presentation by Nelson Tepfer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ProCFO Partners. He leads a team in providing part time CFO services to companies that don't need, don't want, or cannot afford a full time CFO. 

ProCFO Partners provides high caliber Chief Financial Officers on a part-time basis and for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. They work both as the sole Chief Financial Officer within a company or in a support role to existing Chief Financial Officers requiring some extra breathing space to focus on the high value projects within their business.

You can read more about ProCFO Partners here. For anyone who has considered doing fractional CFO work or who works in a business that might require fractional services now or in the future, you will find Nelson’s presentation interesting and inspirational. 

About Nelson Tepfer:

As a leading part-time CFO and executive consultant, Nelson Tepfer has consulted for industry leaders. He understands the value of every dollar a company expends --- that is why he formed ProCFO Partners. 

Before creating ProCFO Partners, Nelson served as Chief Financial Officer, interim CFO, and consultant across nearly a dozen industries; helping small and mid-size companies to achieve their strategic, financial, and operational goals. Now, he lends his extensive corporate and consulting experience to organizations across the globe. Armed with more than a decade of C-Suite experience and an NYU MBA, Nelson understands the nuances of finance in relation to a host of sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, real estate, and online marketing. 

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