The clock is always ticking

The clock is always ticking Cover Image

As accounting professionals we always remember to ask: “What is the deadline?” The problem is that when it comes to job search, a deadline is often not indicated. I am sensitive to this little quirk that is apparently hard wired in the minds of my many friends, and for this reason, job lea...

Feb 17, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Urban legends of job search

Urban legends of job search Cover Image

In the 20+ years that I have been Chairman of The FENG, I have heard more nonsense about job search approaches than any of you would believe. Some of the most accepted practices such as leaving off graduation dates and the proverbial “to present,” even when you have been gone for several m...

Feb 02, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Just call me Superman

Just call me Superman Cover Image

Job descriptions, especially the ones that go on for pages and pages, have to make you smile. That said, with my many years of experience in the Advertising business, I am a big fan of long copy. Long copy sells. In the context of position descriptions posted in our newsletter I believe it...

Mar 12, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Goals and objectives

Goals and objectives Cover Image

My wife and I go cruising on our sailboat every summer for about two weeks. During that time it is a sound bet that there will be at least two full days where we won’t be able to get off the boat most of the day because it is raining too hard. Of course, I always have email to do. Sometime...

Apr 02, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Capitalizing on opportunities

Capitalizing on opportunities Cover Image

During this period of time when all there is going to be over the next few weeks is bad news, it is hard to think about a path forward. I’m sure there is one, but I don’t see it yet. Earlier today I got a call from a Demetria Clark. As we began our conversation, I think she picked up on th...

Apr 07, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Necessity-the mother of invention

Necessity-the mother of invention Cover Image

With each passing day, it has become clearer that face to face meetings of The FENG are not going to be happening any time soon. At the beginning of time itself, when The FENG consisted of only the Westport Chapter and was only about 50 members, some folks in Philadelphia got wind of the f...

Apr 14, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Humpty Dumpty and other matters

Humpty Dumpty and other matters Cover Image

As we begin another week with a significant percentage of the US economy shut down, I hope tonight’s newsletter finds you and yours in good health. In terms of everyone’s priorities, I would politely suggest that this be your primary focus. With respect to the economy, at this point in tim...

Apr 12, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Just keep going

Just keep going Cover Image

As we head into yet another week of lockdown, I hope that tonight’s editorial finds you and yours in good health and good spirits. If you and yours are at least in good health, I would be happy with that alone. I will admit that with each passing day it is getting harder and harder to reme...

Apr 16, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Learning new things

Learning new things Cover Image

I spent almost the entire day today learning how to host meetings on Zoom. In addition to my desk station, I had two laptops set up in my office so I could see what you will be seeing. I also roped my wife and son (who is also The FENG’s webmaster) into helping educate me on the ins and ou...

Apr 22, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Your allotted time

Your allotted time Cover Image

I do tend to rattle on. Some night I will tell you the FULL story about how I removed my own home heating oil tank from my property. (It is a long story with many fascinating twists and turns.) The problem is that most folks really don’t want to hear about it. And, even those who have inte...

Apr 23, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Doing what you CAN do

Doing what you CAN do Cover Image

There isn’t much I personally can do about the job market. I caught a few minutes of the evening news tonight, and as many as 20% of the work force in the USA is now unemployed. These are staggering numbers. Equally staggering is that almost 64,000 Americans have died from Covid-19. With h...

Apr 30, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Chat with Matt

Chat with Matt Cover Image

As all of you know, The FENG is going “all in” on Zoom. To prove my commitment to all of you and to our mission of educating members about the job search process, I will be hosting a daily 30 minute Zoom meeting. Details about tomorrow’s meeting appear below. I hope you will join us. The d...

Apr 26, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

There are evil doers

There are evil doers Cover Image

The executive search business isn’t what it used to be, but then what is? And, who knows what it will be during (or after) COVID-19. I hate to bore those who already know the primary difference between recruiters, but I hesitate to assume. Retained recruiters typically have an exclusive ri...

May 07, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Sharing our knowledge

Sharing our knowledge Cover Image

From time to time, I write an editorial that generates very thoughtful responses from our members. I hope that all of you appreciate those individuals who write in as much as I do. It is an important part of The FENG, that we each take the time to share our knowledge with one another on to...

May 10, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

An over reliance on job leads

An over reliance on job leads Cover Image

Part of the lecture I deliver to new members who call me is that The FENG is a networking group, not a job listing service. I then add that they shouldn’t allow the fact that we are publishing lots of job leads each month confuse them about our true purpose. In the beginning (when God crea...

May 28, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Awaiting a rising tide

Awaiting a rising tide Cover Image

Although I would never willingly admit it, over the nearly 35 years I have been sailing I have had occasion to go aground. (It is always an embarrassing situation.) One time I dragged anchor in a storm (that I can assure you was not in the forecast) and the other times I managed to wander ...

Jun 28, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The small town syndrome

The small town syndrome Cover Image

I am always chatting with potential sponsors for The FENG and from time to time the character of each of our chapters comes up. They are, of course, all different. Here in the Northeast I suppose there almost aren’t any boundaries. Pre-COVID-19 we used to get visitors to our Westport chapt...

Sep 24, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Transferrable skills

Transferrable skills Cover Image

There is no greater truth about our profession than the one about our having transferrable skills. Like lawyers and marketing folks, us financial types come to the world with talents that can be applied in a variety of situations. (Sort of sounds like the introduction to Superman, doesn’t ...

Oct 08, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Does anyone have job leads to share?

Does anyone have job leads to share? Cover Image

There was a time in the not too distant past when our evening newsletter on Sunday evening ran to over 120 pages. The newsletters during the week were typically 50-75 pages. Lately our newsletter is typically 25 pages or less. Back in the “good old days,” we only had 15,000-20,000 members....

Oct 04, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

What is a “Tip Talk?”

What is a “Tip Talk?” Cover Image

I’m sure I don’t need to go into the details, but it goes without saying that the past 9 months of unending stress have been hard on all of us. I don’t know what happened to it, but when I worked for “the great corporation,” I had a bulletin board in my office with one section covered in c...

Nov 09, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Enabling technology

Enabling technology Cover Image

When I became Chairman of The FENG in 1996, there was at the time an emerging technology called the Internet. (Rumored to have been invented by Al Gore.) I was working for The Thomson Corporation at the time and had learned how to use email. Some days I got as many as 10 emails! (This was ...

Nov 08, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG