Fog sandwiches

Published on Jul 21, 2021 by Matt Bud, The FENG
Being Out of Work

Although by and large, the one thing we make more often than anything else for dinner on our boat is reservations, there are times when the fog giant descends upon us and if there is nothing else to eat, we make fog sandwiches.

To make fog sandwiches, of course, you need fog. To this one should add bread, mayonnaise (if you are making a fog sandwich with chicken or turkey), and mustard or ketchup (if you are using roast beef). The type of bread is your choice. I prefer fog sandwiches made on whole wheat, but that’s just me.

The problem with fog sandwiches is that the fog portion provides no recognizable flavor or for that matter substance. (Unlike smoke sandwiches which have distinct suggestion of good barbecue.) When one has been caught in enough pea soup fogs as I have been over the years, the mental picture I have of “being in a fog” or of “foggy thinking” has perhaps a different meaning than for most others.

When you are in a fog, you may know where you are, but you really can’t go anywhere. If you are not securely anchored at the time the fog rolls in, you are as they say, “in deep salt water.” (There are other phrases, but this is a mixed audience, family oriented newsletter and besides, those phrases aren’t very nautical anyway.)

If you are on the move when it is foggy, you will notice that those who are not experienced in watery matters will tend to race around in all directions at once, to use a farm expression, “like chickens with their heads cut off.” (Perhaps that is a little too graphic for everyone. Sorry.)

Job search is, of course, a little like being lost in a fog. And, unfortunately, the fog sandwiches one might prepare are not especially financially remunerative.

Still, as members of The FENG we are, of course, blessed to have as part of our built-in features for job search and career management, not only radar but also GPS. (That’s the global positioning system, for those of you didn’t recognize this abbreviation. Personally, I hate all abbreviations because I sometimes don’t know what they mean. But, I digress.) We also supply some of the best anchors (and anchorages) known to job searchers around the world.

To sum up, the best solution when you only have fog sandwiches to eat is The FENG.

If you participate fully in our many activities and drink deeply of the resources we have available, you may soon be able to “make reservations” for all your meals. (However, there is a cash bar for all alcoholic beverages as you would expect from an organization of financial folks.)

I prefer to eat breakfast at home, but again, that’s just me.

Regards, Matt