Clubhouse - Increase your knowledge and your presence


May 11, 2021


4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Zoom call



Rachel Kersey, an Insurance Warrior with USI, will talk about Clubhouse, a new social network, and how she uses it to increase her profile within the Insurance industry and gain knowledge in other business and finance segments. Learn how you can use the same techniques to increase your profile.


Clubhouse is a new audio-chat social network that launched in March 2020. Right now it is invitation-only and only available on the iPhone. An Android app is expected to launch in the near future. Once you join, you decide what conversation topics to follow, whether sports, tech, world affairs or business etc. You can then join a conversation in a Clubhouse room. Anyone listening to a conversation can ‘raise a hand’ if they have something to say, though it is up to the room’s creator/moderator if they want to let you talk.


Rachel Kersey is a seasoned Insurance professional and, for the past 6 years, has been a Property and Casualty Consultant with USI, one of the largest insurance brokers in the world. If you have seen her videos on LinkedIn, you will know she is very passionate about insurance and talks knowledgeably about it in an engaging way.


She created a Clubhouse room called ‘Risky Risk Management’ where she leads discussions on insurance topics 1-2 times a week. Through that, she has developed relationships with senior executives, who are not in the insurance industry but want to learn more. She also attends other Clubhouse topics such as stock market investing, where she has increased her knowledge of those topics considerably.

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