Caveman Brain and Your Job Search
Wednesday June 30, 2021
5:00pm - 7:00pm US/Alaska GMT-8:00
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opic:                                    Caveman Brain and Your Job Search

Speaker:                               Dr Jean Oursler



Are you feeling stuck in your search?  Not sure of exactly what to do next? Do you feel like you’re being held back but can’t put your finger on it?


You may not be aware that your inner voice can be derailing you from finding a job? During the jobs search we are constantly telling ourselves why we can’t or why we should not – but not how we will. The fact is that our internal protection system, or what is known as your Caveman Brain, is the one thing that can separate you from getting a job or continuously searching for one.


In this interactive presentation, Dr. Jean the Results Queen®, will address the unique challenges that job searchers face in looking for employment.

 You will learn how to:


  • Quiet the voice that is always beating you up.
  • Address the imposter syndrome.
  • Feel good about using current and future relationships to find the next job.
  • And stop being overwhelmed!

About Dr. Jean Ourseler:


Dr. Jean has been leading and growing her own virtual organization for the last 15 years and has a PhD in business psychology. Working with a Harvard Neuroscientist and using Innovative Brain Science™, Dr. Jean created The Caveman Brain Domination System®.  This proprietary system will increase your new business development by 25% or more with just 5 hours a week. Dr. Jean says that greater results are achieved when you match a great skillset with a great mindset.  Unfortunately, it is often your mindset, which she calls your Caveman Brain®, that is holding you back from greater success.  Dr. Jean describes Caveman Brain as our inner voice that wants to protect you but often derails you especially in business development. The same principles she employs to teach business development people how to reach greater heights are applicable to your job search.



Alan Weiss, the Million Dollar Coach, says Dr. Jean achieves unprecedented results at unprecedented speed that creates and maintains unprecedented performance for her clients.  In fact, her clients crowned her The Results Queen® because she achieves the highest results for each and every client each and every time.


In her free time, Dr. Jean enjoys traveling and has visited 5 continents.  She is planning on visiting the other two once the world opens up again. 



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