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Tuesday August 11, 2020
7:30am - 9:30am
Zoom Meeting

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This year (2020) has highlighted the need for business and career adaptability. Just think about it, in just 6 months, we have gone from a promising outlook on the year ahead to making shifts in our businesses in order to accommodate the changing and virtual landscape. But now that you have had the time to evaluate all of your circumstances, do you find yourself still waiting to “see what happens next?”

In this session, Dr. Peter A. James will not only help you to evaluate and identify where you are, as an individual, and where your business is but also how to navigate the future in light of our current environment. Teaser: “Wait and see” is not an option, so get ready to buckle up, shift gears, and push the pedal to the metal.

Dr. Peter A. James is the Founder and CEO of HCG Consulting Solutions, a firm dedicated to individual mindset-shifts and ultimately, business transformation. As a speaker, trainer, and coach, Peter brings a unique combination of emotional intelligence, leadership, and diverse perspectives into all of his engagements. Peter has been sharing his message of “shift your mindset” which correlates closely to the self-awareness aspect of emotional intelligence and is needed more than ever in order to survive in a tumultuous business environment. He believes that leaders can find their own solutions, set their own goals, and devise their own strategies for the purposes of change; however, having a coach to help manifest these criteria and outcomes (in a timely fashion) is essential. Most recently, Peter has been tackling racial equity in corporate environments in light of the heightened awareness of systemic social injustices.

Additional meeting details are as follows:
(1) Dress code: Business Casual from the waist up (or as far as your video camera can capture).
(2) Coffee and Donuts/Bagels/Pastries will be served by you and you alone.
(3) Parking – Your parking lot, driveway or garage is the best option.
(4) Suggested donation: $0.00 (for this event; see below for supporting The FENG in general).
(5) Bring 0 printed copies of your resumes/handbills/business cards but have them ready electronically for subsequent distribution.
(6) Be sure you can modify/edit the name that appears in your video window so that we can refer to you by your preferred name rather than, “Dad’s Cell Phone,” “iPhone 10XR,” or “,” or whatever the default name of your device is when logging into Zoom for the first time.’
(7) Structured networking will follow the formal presentation; be sure to use your 2-3 minutes
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Steve Blondell
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