Power Networking with LinkedIn


May 11, 2021


6:00 PM - 7:30 PM





Guest speaker, Bobbie Foedisch, National LinkedIn Expert and Founder of All About Leverage LLC & Chief Relationship Officer at Bunchful


She will present a powerful LinkedIn workshop that is specifically targeted to financial executives.

 Topic:   Power Networking with LinkedIn:  How to Increase the Effectiveness of your Networking strategies

 • Who you should be inviting to connect on LinkedIn and how to qualify sincere interest

• How to transition to targeted networking on social media 

• How to open the dialogue with people that have shown interest digitally but didn’t reach out IRL

• How to network in a virtual room with your Chamber and Association members via LinkedIn

• How to run an effective 1:1 virtual coffee networking meeting leveraging LinkedIn to open more targeted doors

• How to engage and get more engagement.


Learning Objectives:

1. Build your power network with purpose

2. Open more doors to more people and opportunities

3. Gain visibility and open the dialogue



Why LinkedIn? 
 -  LinkedIn has 722 million members
-   40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week
-   3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute
-   LinkedIn saw a 55% increase in conversations among connections in 2020
-   55 Million companies are on LinkedIN
-   4 out 5 people on LinkedIn "drive business decisions"
-   There are 61 million "senior level influencers" on LinkedIn
-   LinkedIn is your 24/7 Networking SITE



Bobbie's Bio:

As Founder of All About Leverage LLC and Chief Relationship Officer at Bunchful, Bobbie partners with people and organization to help navigate the virtual world with the triple threat of technology, live-action and adventure.  Her key areas of expertise include dominating the virtual business world at the intersection of digital and IRL, leveraging the virtual space to impact culture, and engaging in digital communication to open more doors to impactful opportunities.  


Known for her dynamic professional style, warmth, and creative approach to working with clients, Bobbie thrives on helping companies transform to a hybrid virtual/IRL environment that fosters and support the remote workforce dynamic.


Bobbie provides thoughtful individual attention with a knack for personalized details, focused approach and willingness to help in every way possible, plus a superb ability to understand their needs and implement the domino effect of change. She has an extensive national network and takes every opportunity to help connect people to opportunities. Actively involved in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Pacific Northwest business ecosystem, Bobbie currently runs 6 chapters of the “Leveraging LinkedIn Networking Group” in Washington D.C.; Conshohocken, PA; Manhattan; South Jersey and 2 in the PACNW.


Bobbie is an Adjunct Professor, National Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Contributing Blogger, and thought leader on the topic of LinkedIn & Social Selling. She has written and launched multiple programs for Leveraging LinkedIn and Social Selling, Opening More Doors and Maximizing Client Acquisition, LinkedIn for Career Transition, LinkedIn Job Search, LinkedIn Branding, Inbound & Outbound Lead Gen with Social Selling, and Power Networking.  Bobbie has been an invited speaker both locally and nationally on how to leverage social media, especially LinkedIn.

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Suggested Donation:

Free (Voluntary Contribution Welcomed)

For meeting information, please contact:

Steve Blondell

(847) 651-3560