Two hours for lunch

Published on Sep 08, 2021 by Matt Bud, The FENG

One of the little jokes I used to tell back at the office was how hard it was to get anything done, what with an hour coffee break in the morning, two hours for lunch, another hour coffee break in the afternoon, combined with leaving early, there just isn’t much time to get things done.

In much the same way, the “good” weeks of the year for networking can be made to disappear.

As we begin this first work week after Labor Day, we are now into the golden networking period of Labor Day to Thanksgiving (which like summer), is a very short “season” since it is less than 52 weeks.

Of course, much of the “urban legend” you hear about networking just isn’t true. ANY time of year is good for networking. If it is holiday time, sure some folks will be gone, but others who travel a lot will be sticking close to home.

That said, I would suggest to you that, as always, the time is now. Now is the time to schedule Zoom meetings with fellow members of The FENG. Now is the time to attend a Zoom chapter or Special Interest Group meeting if you haven’t been to one recently. (That goes for members who are working too.) There is nothing better than an opportunity to “press the flesh” and introduce or reintroduce yourself to your fellow members. All jobs are temporary. The most important thing you can do is keep your network alive. Part and parcel of doing that is always to be adding to your circle of friends.

Here I am with 36,000+ close friends, and I haven’t stopped. You shouldn’t either.

Hopefully you have had a good summer of relaxing and your head is now clear. You might want to take a moment and reread your resume and review your 90 second announcement. (Did I really write that resume, you might ask? Yes, you did. Now is as good a time as any to REWRITE it.) You are now smarter (and perhaps better looking) than you were a few months ago. While it may appear painful initially to dig through these important tools, take the time to do it. The rewards can be significant.

And speaking of adding to your network, have you visited our website and taken a look at our Member Directory Search feature? Please do take it for a test drive. You can search for ALL of your old friends so easily you will be embarrassed you didn’t do it sooner. It is very possible that some of them who weren’t members when you last looked, snuck in while your back was turned. Tracking down old friends is a lot of fun and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on something as enjoyable as surprising these individuals with your resourcefulness.

So, there you have it. If you snooze, you lose. If you schmooze you win. Please have at it.

Regards, Matt