When things get quiet

Published on Nov 22, 2021 by Matt Bud, The FENG
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Every once in a while, things get quiet. There is no email (except for our newsletter), and there are no phone calls or Zoom meetings to attend.

If you are actively looking for work, it can be a maddening experience.

Instead of sitting with your hands folded on your desk, this is a good time to visit our website.

After you sign in, go to Resources, Documents Library. Here you will find some very useful items to download.

1. Resume Review Guidelines. This document was created by our Resume Review Committee Co-Chairs, Lew Bader and Cheri Phillips. This alone should keep you pretty busy.
2. 90 Second Announcements. This document was created by Peggy Bud (a noted communications expert) based on my best advice given during meetings of the Westport Chapter.
3. Networking Tips from Peggy Bud.
4. Killer Candidate Questions.
5. Trick Interview Questions.

Next go to: Resources, Video Resources.

1. Under “Chat with Matt” you will find three new videos:
    Effective Interview Preparation
    The Magic of Networking
    Navigating Private Equity
2. Under “Learn from Latman” you will find 8 videos on various topics.
3. Under “Chapter Meetings” you will find even more career oriented presentations.

The FENG is dedicated to educating our members about all the things they need to know to work as long as they want to work. Hopefully all of the above will sharpen your job search skills.

If you find topics NOT on our website that you would like developed, please drop me an email.

Regards, Matt