Enabling technology

Evolving Job Market

Enabling technology Cover Image

When I became Chairman of The FENG in 1996, there was at the time an emerging technology called the Internet. (Rumored to have been invented by Al Gore.) I was working for The Thomson Corporation at the time and had learned how to use email. Some days I got as many as 10 emails! (This was ...

Nov 08, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Developing a thick skin

Being Out of Work

Developing a thick skin Cover Image

It has often been said that I am a sensitive guy. I don’t think anyone who does what I do as a volunteer could be characterized as anything different. Still, when it comes to job search, being sensitive probably isn’t a good thing. You know the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would hav...

Nov 05, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

I’ll call him back

Human Interactions

I’ll call him back Cover Image

Just to prove to you how old I am, there used to be a show on TV called “The Millionaire.” (The show was in black and white. Need I say more?) It seems there was this wealthy man who wanted to give away some of his money and each week he would send this poor sap out into the world to hand ...

Nov 04, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

A fear of being contacted


A fear of being contacted Cover Image

Gosh, please don’t call me. That’s the message that I seem to get from time to time when I am trying to track down candidates for the consulting assignments and full time jobs I am handling through The FECG. I have also been alerted to this fear by one of our chapter chairs who noted that ...

Nov 03, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Starting over is never easy

Being Out of Work

Starting over is never easy Cover Image

Although I constantly repeat our two mantras that all jobs are temporary and that one is never actually employed, only between searches, when this truth rears its ugly head I don’t know if anyone is really prepared. As the clock winds itself down on a current assignment, it is usually a st...

Nov 02, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Things to do this week


Things to do this week Cover Image

Top of the list is, of course, to vote if you have not already done so. My second suggestion is to NOT call anyone until at least Thursday. Everyone is “deer in the headlights” over the election. Hopefully it will be decided by end of day Wednesday so we can all get back to doing whatever ...

Nov 01, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Two anchors or one? Cover Image

A long time ago I got into a discussion with another captain about the wisdom of setting two anchors. It may sound silly, since I am known on board my sailboat as Captain Safety, but I have never set two anchors. And, even though I have read a lot about it over the years, in most cases I d...

Oct 29, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

90-second announcements

90-Second Announcements

90-second announcements Cover Image

From time to time I get requests for information on how to do a proper 90-second announcement. So, I thought tonight I would share a few thoughts with you on this linguistic challenge. Since my wife is a speech pathologist by trade, I can tell you with great authority that speech is the sl...

Oct 28, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Accepting help Cover Image

One of the less well recognized phobias in this world is the fear of accepting help from others. Perhaps it is primarily a guy thing and it explains why we never used to ask for directions at the gas station, but when it comes to job search it is another one of the many things that “...

Oct 27, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

The art of being sensitive

Being Out of Work Human Interactions

The art of being sensitive Cover Image

I’m sure there are those of you out there who remember a positively awful movie starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts called “The Mexican.” Some of you may have seen it and have been trying desperately to forget it. I don’t blame you. Anyway, there was this one scene in the movie where Juli...

Oct 26, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Handling compensation negotiations


Handling compensation negotiations Cover Image

Money makes the world go around, or so they say. If this is the case, can there be any more delicate subject to bring up with a potential employer than your potential salary? There was a comment I heard on “Streets of San Francisco” many years ago that is applicable here: “First liar never...

Oct 25, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

No steps forward, two steps back

Being Out of Work

No steps forward, two steps back Cover Image

One of the most difficult challenges in a career is being faced with taking a step or two back. Because we tend to stay with companies longer than most senior managers, the gains we make in our career in terms of compensation and responsibilities are hard won and painstaking achieved. So, ...

Oct 22, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

The importance of alumni involvement

Being Out of Work

The importance of alumni involvement Cover Image

There is no topic that comes up more frequently than how can we keep our alumni members deeply involved in the goings on of our organization. Among a small number of our members there is a desire to put their whole ugly job search thing behind them and move on with their lives. In some cas...

Oct 20, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

A lifeboat mentality

Being Out of Work

A lifeboat mentality Cover Image

Unfortunately for all of you, my wife bought me a book once when we were on vacation about the whale ship Essex. No need to go into all the details here, but the short story is that the ship was rammed by a whale and began to sink. Being a devoted sailor, I have certainly read other novels...

Oct 19, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Hidden customer objections


Hidden customer objections Cover Image

It is a sad fact of interviewing that often times those sitting on the other side of the table hesitate asking questions that you would gladly answer. The kinds of questions I am talking about are things that might be grounds for a lawsuit because they skirt the edge of age discrimination ...

Oct 18, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

The hobgoblin of consistency

Resume Writing

The hobgoblin of consistency Cover Image

As many of you know, I have a variety of backgrounds. I was not only in the publishing business for 10 years, I was also in the advertising business for 9 years. Communication, or the assumption that it has taken place, is at the core of most of the problems in this world. (Okay, there are...

Oct 15, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

The New York minute Cover Image

I don’t know if all of you are familiar with the concept of a New York minute, but for all intents and purposes it is generally accepted to be a micro second. For your further edification, a Google search turned up the following: New York Minute: A New York minute is an instant. Or as John...

Oct 14, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Some dumb ideas actually work Cover Image

Back at the beginning of time itself when my good friend Ed Devlin was running what was to become The FENG, he invited me to join. (I don’t know what he was thinking.) Seeing the networking opportunity for my own job search, I immediately offered to act as social chairman for our small gat...

Oct 13, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

No one has time for mysteries

Resume Writing

No one has time for mysteries Cover Image

At one time many years ago I had a lot of time for reading. I picked up an Agatha Christy novel and I was hooked. Over the next several months I believe I read just about everything she had written up to that point. I know that when we moved, I had quite a box of books. Trying to pick up t...

Oct 12, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

A simple case of identity theft

90-Second Announcements

A simple case of identity theft Cover Image

Over the past 25 years I have had more than a few opportunities to work with groups of members on their 90-second announcements. In fact, this is typically one of the drills in which we used to engage at all Westport chapter meetings. Although most résumés I see could also use more than a ...

Oct 11, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG

Transferrable skills

Evolving Job Market

Transferrable skills Cover Image

There is no greater truth about our profession than the one about our having transferrable skills. Like lawyers and marketing folks, us financial types come to the world with talents that can be applied in a variety of situations. (Sort of sounds like the introduction to Superman, doesn’t ...

Oct 08, 2020

By Matthew Bud, The FENG